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Love Dereham

- New Paid Role -


Love Dereham is a Christian charity originally conceived by the Baptist Church but which now draws in those from other Christian groupings in our town. As the name implies, Love Dereham is focused on sharing God’s love in practical ways with people from Dereham and the surrounding villages. We are active in looking for areas of need where we can make a difference. 


Our charity objectives are very wide-ranging and allow us to respond to a range of different issues. We welcome volunteers from the wider community who have a desire to contribute something useful to those in need in our town, as long as they are sympathetic to the values of the charity. 


Our current activities include

  • Let’s Chat

    • 4 days a week - one hour gathering for those who need encouragement and to talk about life

  • Community Fridge 

    • an initiative to reduce food waste 

  • CRIB

    • a monthly meeting place for the bereaved


Our planned activities in order of probable time scale include:

  • Job Club 

    • to help long term unemployed gain the confidence to return to work

  • A Food Hub initiative

    • to help those in need to buy good food at affordable prices

  • Community Lunches

    • to provide a meeting place for those in need of a sense of belonging

  • Life Skills Course

    • to assist with budgeting, wiser shopping, healthy cooking  and other life skills

  • The Hub

    • to provide an after-school youth drop-in for secondary school children

  • ESOL

    • to teach English to speakers of other languages

  • Listening Post

    • to create a listening service for children and young adults aimed at suicide prevention and more general support


We anticipate that new activities will be developed in response to the changing needs of the community.


The Coordinator will be the principal paid member of Love Dereham and will be responsible to the trustees for the day to day running of the charity’s activities. He or she will work alongside the trustees to carry and help develop its vision for how we Love Dereham

The ideal applicant would:


  • be a committed follower of Jesus

  • be passionate for social action

  • have a heart for evangelism

  • have good organisational skills

  • have good communication skills

  • have recognisable leadership qualities

  • be able to build, manage and deploy teams of volunteers


Other desirable abilities and experience include:


  • good administrative skills

  • good IT skills - eg, basic website updating and social media development

  • grant writing and fundraising experience


Responsibilities of the coordinator


  • Management of volunteers

    • Identifying and recruiting volunteers for the various activities

    • Securely maintaining records of the volunteers including their contact details

    • Ensuring that the volunteers have the appropriate screening and training for the tasks that they are involved in

    • Ensuring that sufficient volunteers are available for each of the scheduled activities

    • Encouraging and supporting volunteers in their various roles

  • Liaison with the community

    • Actively engaging with the local community, statutory bodies, schools and businesses

    • Promoting and Publicising the activities of the charity

    • Networking with other churches, charities and voluntary organisations

    • Identifying areas of need within the community and, along with the trustees, developing ways to address those needs, as appropriate

  • Oversight of fund-raising

    • Encouraging individuals to commit to giving regularly to Love Dereham

    • Ensuring that appropriate grant awarding bodies are identified and funding applications are regularly submitted.


For more details - Contact Keith

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