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Community Lunch 2023

We're a lovely bunch - come and join us!


Exciting volunteer vacancies at Love Dereham...

1. Thursday morning collection from Necton ASDA.

Pick up and drop off at the fridge by 9.30am.

2. Monday Fridge Supervisor, 9.30-11.30am. 

This volunteer comes in at 9:30 and spends half an hour processing the donations that have come in the night before or that morning. They also do stock rotation and check for mouldy fruit, vegetables, bread etc. They need to be physically able to carry boxes of food to and from our store room.

At 10:00 a.m. they let the queue come up one by one and choose items. The fridge supervisor decides how many items to set as the limit per person for that day, based on how much stuff we have in and also how many people are waiting at 10 a.m.

Largely the fridge supervisor lets people get on with choosing their items without much interference but they're standing nearby discreetly checking that no one takes too many things (and politely challenging if they do) and also being available if anybody has a question. 

When it gets quiet the fridge supervisor wipes down the surfaces and sweeps the floor. There's a little paperwork (no more than 10 minutes) but all very easy for someone to pick up.

3. 'Bank' fridge supervisors - are there times in the week you aren't busy from 9.30am -11.30am?

Could you get trained up as a 'fridge supervisor' and be on the list of those who can be asked to cover holidays / illness etc? (zero obligation to say yes if you're busy). 

4. Thursday afternoon collection from Flour and Bean

Collect at 3.45pm then take to Green Pastures 20 Norwich Street by 4.05pm.

5. Cleaner (monthly)

Could you come in once a month and have a clean of the hub? Dusting, washing the floor, wiping out the fridge... that sort of thing? We want our visitors to be proud of the fact they come to the Community Fridge, and we also want to show them how much we love them by having a clean and welcoming environment for them. A behind the scenes role that is vital to our work!

We are seeing a growing number of people every day at the community fridge (roughly 28+kids per day), which is not surprising when food and (non-alcoholic) drink prices are 19% higher in the 12 months to March 2023, the highest since 1977!

Please consider volunteering with us.


Book in a no-obligation "look around", to see if it's for you and ask any questions you might have. Email me -

Can't wait to meet you...

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