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Local business puts the spark in our community action!

Don't you just love it when teamwork makes the dream work?!

We recently posted on social media, asking if any one was an electrician (or knew one) who could help us with some technical stuff. We were so delighted to get shares and comments from friendly local folks all giving their ideas and tagging companies who they thought could help.

One company who answered the call was 4E Electrical, run by Lee Burrell. What a superstar! He came, tools in hand, a couple of days later and wired up a cooker for a couple who had been moved into ground floor accommodation after the husband sadly had a stroke.

Our volunteers here at Love Dereham as well as those at the Ukraine Aid Centre had been doing all they could to help - but on this occasion the electrics were just a bit out of our skill set! ... But THANKS TO LEE, the couple are all settled in their new place and so incredibly grateful for everyone that helped pull it together.

Click below for Lee's facebook page and support this fab local business :-)

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