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Waste not want not! Another community lunch enjoyed in Dereham ❤️

Clearly not enough people fancied duck breast for valentines day! As a local supermarket had a lot to donate to Love Dereham in February 🦆😂

A local resident enjoyed the event with their family.

The Community Lunch team of amazing volunteers from Love Dereham cooked up a storm on March 12th! Duck breast with savoury rice, peas and gravy followed by ice-cream, strawberry whip and fruit. Delicious! Naturally, a nice cuppa afterwards too.

Local Dereham residents are encouraged to come along and enjoy the free lunch and the community connection. (Those from the small outlying villages are welcome too.)

Love Dereham put on these monthly lunches (every 2nd Tuesday) as a way of combating loneliness within our community. Also, as a way to give those who couldn't afford a meal out a nice treat once a month. On average we have around 50 guests at each event.

Each month you'll also find a local charity or group on our "information table" - in the hope that you can find out more about something that could benefit you or your family that's available in the local area. In March we had the lovely Catherine and Morgan from CAP Debt Centre in Dereham. And the month before we were visited by SEETEC. We also have a table of leaflets on everything that Love Dereham does in and around the town.

We hope you can join us next month!

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